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Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) - Mig Welding

Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), metal inert gas (MIG) or metal active gas (MAG) is a welding method uses an electric arc between the electrode and the workpiece metal to form the weld.

Shielding gas flows through the welding gun to protect the weld from contaminants in the air.  Gas metal arc welding was first developed to weld aluminum, but it quickly became used in steel and steel alloy welds due to the fact that it is a faster way of working.

The cost of inert gas meant that it didn't catch on as quickly as it might have, however, the use of semi-inert gasses like carbon dioxide helps to reduce the cost.

Because the technique uses a shielding gas, it is rarely used in volatile atmospheres and virtually never outdoors.


Types of materials that can be fabricated with GMAW

Gas metal arc welding is mainly used to weld Aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and steel.


Uses of gas metal arc welding

Gas metal arc welding is one of the most popular and widely used welding processes in the world. You'll see it being used in anywhere; from various fabrication solutions in a small workshop to the marine heavy industry.

People tend to confuse MIG welding with TIG Welding. There are however many differences including GMAW (Mig) being cheaper, easier to use and also the ability of the two to weld different types of metals. 

A welder weld using MIG Welding


Pros and benefits of GMAW

  • hobbyist welders can pick up a gas metal arc welding kit for around £400; the equipment is cheap, easy to maintain and it's readily available.
  • The consumables used have among the lowest costs out there; MIG wire is around £1.80 a box
  • This technique has a high deposition rate; much higher than stick welding
  • Because this technique doesn't pick up moisture it creates very small hydrogen deposits.
  • Versatility.  Gas metal arc welding can be used on virtually any type of metal by changing your filler wire and the shielding gas.
  • Spatter levels are extremely low with this technique and you can weld any thickness of material.
  • It's an easy technique to learn and it requires only a small amount of cleaning up when you're done.


Cons and limitations of MIG Welding


  •  Inert gasses can be expensive and add the cost of use.
  • The equipment is easy to move, but the shielding gas cylinders aren't!
  •  The shielding gas is sensitive to the wind and can be easily blown away if outdoors.
  • The open arc can expose people to harmful UV rays.
  • Rust, mill scale oil, dirt, and paint can only be tolerated in very small amounts.


MIG Welding Services in London

Gas metal arc welders can vary at their size. You can find mobile welding services use MIG welding in many of the fabrication services that they provide in their workshop and onsite.

At Mobile Welding London we deliver GMAW/MIG welding solutions for any propose. Our welders can attend at your premises or desired location in London to provide you with best quality welding services using Gas metal arc welding at most competitive prices.

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