Stick welding by a professional mobile welder

There are some lists and calculators online that aims to help with trying to figure out the cost of a welding service. It’s better to avoid counting on those as the result would most probably be inaccurate. In the majority of times you will need to contact directly with a local welder in order to find out the actual cost of a welding service. 


Unless you require a job that is “labor only”, the quote should include the labour and parts. Both labour and part would depend a lot on the type and scale of your project.


The different types of rates (hourly vs fixed) below will give you an indication on the costs that are being taken into account. 


The best way to get a quote is to send the welder all of your project specifications via email. This includes any measurements, drawings and photos you may have. Without these details it could be impossible to provide a quote remotely. If you aren't capable of providing the welder with the work description and photo/s, you can ask them to come out for a site survey. Most welders in London would charge some sort of call out fee for such a visit. 


At Mobile Welding London a the visit rate will also be deducted from the total job price, should you wish the work to be carried out. Book now a site survey to any location within the M25.  


On a note; If it’s a small item that needs welding and you can bring it in the welders workshop the cost would be considerably cheaper. 



What is the cost of a welding service in London?

The Cost of Welding Services in London

In most cases fixed rates for your welding project would be the best way to go forward. With a fixed rate quote you’d be able to know exactly what you’re going to pay prior to having the works done. This would help you calculate the cost and make sure you stay within your budget allowance.

A quote with a fixed rate would consist abor and material subjects.


The cost of welding or fabrication for a small job in London could start from £100-160 per one hour labor from a decent company. There are some "one man band" welders that charge less but they might turn out to be amatures, crooks or cowboys and especially if the project is important to you, it just isn't worth the risk. If the parts are brought to the welder’s workshop you can sometime save another £30-50.


The price of a mobile welding service usually start from £170-300 for a small service to be delivered at the client's destination. Some welding companies in London charge extremely high rates for just attending to your location. We recommend to check about the price in advance and avoid using welders with overpriced rates.    

A Fixed Rate

For bigger jobs some welders may be able to provide with an hourly or a daily rate for the labour only (no equipment). Busy welding businesses however will often only provide you with a fixed price quote to complete the job. This is due to that if a welding company have to dedicate welder/s for full days of work it could limit the company’s ability to be effective and flexible for other works. It can also become costly to the client. Quoting on a complete job basis makes it easier for the clients to predict what they are going to pay and for the welding company to arrange the schedule of their work.


Material costs may also vary with these type of quotes as jobs that are carried out over time usually requires more and different types of material. This could also affect the labour charge if issues arise due to some parts or type of welding methods that wasn’t taken into account in advance.


At Mobile Welding London jobs are estimated based on a fixed rate. We do make exceptions and quote as per an hourly or a daily rate but this is only in very specific type of projects. Usually on large structural welding projects. For you as the client, all standard projects are generally better off being priced on a flat rate basis.



For any queries regarding the costs of your welding projects in London contact Mobile Welding London 24 hours a day at 020 3397 8705. To get a quote send us an email at or visit our contact page

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